We have buyers for all types of real estate in Trinidad, Las Animas County and Southern Colorado. As the area’s largest volume real estate office, we are fortunate to be the broker of choice for many out of state buyers of both residential and commercial property. We know how to market your property, and get it the exposure it deserves.


Tips for Sellers: Pricing Your Home

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Pricing your home correctly is critical. If your price is too low, you won’t receive your home’s full, fair value. If your price is too high, your home may not sell quickly, or you may not get any offers. Town and Country Estates Realty will work with you to ensure that we get the best price possible for your home in a suitable time frame.

Before we discuss the price of your house, we’ll complete a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which will provide us with the listing and sales prices of similar houses in the area (as well as information about houses that were on the market but never sold). The CMA determines your home’s market value by comparing it to similar properties that have sold in the past six to twelve months. Market conditions also influence price as well as interest rates, location, the local school system, how quickly houses are selling in your neighborhood, and whether the current market favors buyers or sellers.

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Factors that Influence Price


  • The desirability of your neighborhood and its proximity to amenities and services are the greatest influences on fair market value and your home’s ability to sell.
  • Are schools, businesses, and community services nearby?
  • Do you have a view, privacy, or access to open land?
  • Are any “lifestyle amenities” (lakes, streams, golf courses, etc.) nearby?
  • Is your home’s location is less than ideal?



  • Does your home have a discernible style? Is it historical?
  • Does your home have traditional characteristics or more modern features?
    Was your home’s architect significant?
  • Is your roof flat or pitched?
  • Is your home single-level or multilevel?


  • When was your house built?
  • Is your home historic?
  • Have fixtures, appliances, and other appointments been updated?



  • Does your home have any distinguishing “environmental” features, such as significant acreage, a view, live water or landscaping?
  • Do you have access to hiking, biking, or horseback riding trails from your property?



The condition of your home directly affects the price you will be able to obtain and how quickly we’ll be able to sell it. The more you can do to improve your home’s appearance, the better your chances for a quick sale.

  • Is the paint both inside and out in prime condition?
  • Does the flooring (carpeting, tile, hardwood) look good?
  • Do any walls need patching?
  • Is the roof in good condition?


The housing market is competitive. Potential buyers will compare your home to other properties in their price range, including brand-new houses.




The real estate market is in constant flux. What may be a buyers market in one region can be a seller’s in another. Be aware of the current market conditions when selling your home